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Buying A Home
Buying a home may be the most important financial and lifestyle decision you will ever make.  Buying a home isn't the easiest thing to do without a a good real estate professional to advise and assist you.  It is not impossible to buy a home on your own, however, I am here to assist you through the process.  With my help, you can save yourself from making mistakes, some of which can cost you a lot of time and/or money.

Practical information about the buying process and steps that you and I will follow during your search for the ideal home is found on my website.

Before You Buy

 Understanding Your Credit Report


 Determine What You Can Afford

 Understanding Your Credit

Pre-Approved Mortgage Needs Versus Wants Choosing A Neighbourhood
Obtain A Pre-Approved Mortgage Needs Versus Wants Choosing A Neighbourhood

 Understanding Market Conditions

Home Viewing Checklist

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 Understanding Market Conditions  Home Viewing Checklist Home Inspection
Home Insurance

Common Costs of Home Ownership


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 Insurance  Common Costs of Home Ownership  Hidden Costs When Buying A Home
Making An Offer 


Utilities Contact Information

 Making An Offer  Moving Tips and Utilities Information  



Sales Representative